If we can save the butterflies, we can save ourselves.

Pollinators, like butterflies and bees, need your assistance to survive the devastating effects of pesticides, herbicides and loss of habitat due to development and drought. The National Butterfly Center is leading the charge to educate the public about the importance of wild butterflies, in order to create citizen conservationists. 

You can take action to protect our planet and preserve our natural treasures, by promoting our mission, sharing this message, and becoming a member of the National Butterfly Center, today.  Please, join us in growing connections between people, plants and the 'winged wonders' responsible for balance and beauty in our world. 

Your gift will grow and grow!  Grant a wish for our 'winged wonders', adopt a bed, transplant a tree, or place a permanent memorial in our gardens.

TBF-Logo-trans-225Come to the Rio Grande Valley!

The Rio Grande Valley has earned worldwide recognition for its outstanding butterfly and birding spots, inviting thousands of visitors each year to discover its remarkable assortment of preserves, refuges, nature parks, trails, and more. Join us, November 2-5, for three days of educational sessions and fantastic field trips, where world-class guides will lead your exploration of renowned public lands and private properties at the peak of butterfly season. Don't miss this special opportunity! Whether you are a budding enthusiast or an experienced naturalist, the 18th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival is THE place to be.

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September - March
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April - August
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